The Founder Story

I’m Khadija Rbati, the founder of D.POC. I’m an experienced professional with more than 15 years of experience in global sourcing.

I made a start in Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai), as an insurance broker working for my own account, supporting my client’s interests by helping expat business owners to set up their companies and procure insurance policies for themselves, their cars, homes, and businesses including Properties, Marine Cargo and Marine Hull & Machineries. Besides that, I have helped a few Expat medical insurance providers to enter the UAE market.

During the crisis of 2008, I have succeeded in procuring new policies with selected insurers for my clients by saving time, money and providing a better level of coverage while securing a half commission for my account while living outside the UAE.

In 2009, I turned my career into another direction and started working in the power generator business, representing a Turkish Manufacturer from Casablanca in Morocco and focusing on customers within the African territory.

After that, from 2010 to 2013 I moved to Brussels in Belgium, and I worked for the same company.

I continued in 2013 by starting a new business partnership in Murcia- Spain, assembling diesel power generators. Besides this, I specialized in outsourcing mechanical & electrical engineered products mainly for Power, Marine, Construction and Infrastructure projects.

I supplied diesel power generators, diesel engines, Transformers,  gearboxes, turbochargers and all related spare parts.

With my past experience in the procurement of insurance policies, I flourished in the route of procuring and began outsourcing mechanical Marine & industrial products from OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Around 2014, I delivered a real added value to the company sales growth & won a multimillion projects.

As an essential component of the procurement success, I had built a strong working relationship with OEM's and their representatives (distributors and dealers) who can offer quality service and meet the special requirements of my company.

I truly believe that profit can only be increased by strategic procurement.

Having been able to live and work in different countries and learning new languages, have had a significant impact on my business life resulting in me specializing in the industry without hesitating.

This journey full of cultural and business growth enthused me to continue growing into a better business person.