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DPOC Procure, source & deliver complete ABB turbocharging and spare parts for all your marine applications.

Supplier of turbocharging and spare parts directly from the source and that is ABB


Accelleron is ABB's brand name for advanced abb turbocharging technology used in marine, power generation, and oil & gas engines.
Accelleron abb turbocharging systems deliver enhanced power output, improved engine efficiency, and reduced emissions. Their flexibility and customization capabilities make them suitable for a range of applications.
ABB turbocharging technology is the best choice for companies looking to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact.
Whether you are looking for an abb turbocharger for a small or large engine, we can help. DPOC offers a comprehensive range of complete abb turbocharging units and genuine spare parts, all delivered within short periods.

Supplying Marine Abb turbocharging & Genuine Spare Parts
to Diverse Industries


Genuine parts are those produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are specifically designed for the equipment. These parts are tested and approved by the manufacturer to meet specific quality and safety standards.

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