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The Founder Story

D.POC was founded by Khadija Rbati. A global sourcing expert with more than 15 years of experience.
During my career as an insurance broker in the Dubai Free Zone, I assisted expat business owners in setting up their companies. I procured insurance policies for themselves, their employees and families, their cars, homes, and businesses such as Properties, Marine Cargo, and Marine Hulls & Machineries. Besides that, I have helped a few Expat medical insurance providers to enter the UAE market. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, I was able to obtain new policies for my clients with selected insurers, saving them time and money and improving their coverage. My account has also been provisionally funded with a half commission while I live outside of the UAE. After turning my career around in 2009, I started representing a Turkish manufacturer in Morocco and focused on African customers. I then moved to Brussels in Belgium and worked for the same company from 2010 to 2013. My business career continued in 2013 when I entered into a new partnership in Murcia, Spain, to assemble diesel power generators. After that, I specialize in outsourcing mechanical and electrical engineered products to the Power, Marine, Construction and Infrastructure industries.

In addition to diesel generators, diesel engines, transformers, gearboxes, turbochargers, and all related parts, I also supplied all the required spare parts. As a result of my past experience in the acquisition of insurance policies, I transitioned into the procurement of high-quality mechanical marine and industrial products from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

In 2014, I contributed significantly to the company's sales growth and won a multimillion dollar project.

It was essential that I built a strong working relationship with OEMs and their representatives (distributors and dealers) who could meet my company's special requirements and provide quality service.

Living and working in different countries and learning new languages have greatly impacted my business life, which led me to specialize in the industry without hesitation.

It was an inspiring journey filled with cultural and business growth that enthused me to continue developing myself as a business person.

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